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Thank you for visiting Kasual Six! We are a Denver, Colorado based band that covers crowd pleasing hits spanning many decades... From classic rock, country, top 40, 80's music, soft ballads - there is something for everyone from Kasual Six. We aim to please and make sure everyone is dancing by the end of the night. We also specialize in acoustic performances. Contact us for more info.


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Meet the Kasual Six...

Darryl Thompson - Guitar, Vocals

After a twenty-five year break, Darryl has reconnected with his musical passion in retirement. While his roots are in rock 'n' roll guitar, he also loves mandolin family instruments and bluegrass music.   Listen thoughout our music for some fantastic guitar solos from a truly great musician.  

Larry Vorwerck - Bass, Vocals

Larry has been singing and playing since junior high school, with no end in sight. He is happy to be playing the bass or guitar. His belief is that any time on stage playing music beats real life. When he's not rocking out with Kasual Six, Larry enjoys playing in his church worship band. His dog, Java, is a huge classic rock fan.

Laura Arroyo-Bonney - Drums, Vocals

Laura has performed with a variety of rock 'n' roll original, cover,  and tribute bands. With no formal musical training, she has sharpened her chops in many different types of settings including the legendary and seedy venues on the famous Sunset Strip in her hometown of Los Angeles.  She is multi-talented, and plays guitar wonderfully for our acoustic engagements.

Tom Malouff - Keyboards / Synthesizer

Tom has been playing music since he was in grade school, although he never attended band camp.  His love of music really began during the golden age of rock and roll when he spun vinyl as a radio DJ in high school and in college.  He plays all of the piano and synthesizer parts in our music.  Need a cowbell?  Who doesn't?  Tom has it!  Also, whenever he goes to the doctor, he always asks if he'll be able to play the piano afterward.

Meghan Cave - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Megan's love for music started as a child, listening to old country and classic rock.  She's been singing as long as she can remember.  She plays guitar, piano, and accordion, and also enjoys song writing in her spare time.   Her influences include Sheryl Crow, Patty Griffin, and Steve Earle.  She brings some very powerful lead vocals along with some very wonderful harmony to our music.  She joined the Kasual Six Band in 2018 and both she and the other members of Kasual Six couldn't be happier.  

Kermit - Chick Magnet, Eye Candy

Our Secret Weapon.   Our Sixth Man.   Kermit joined the band in 2016 after a long and protracted contract negotiation.  He held out for the guarantee that we'd play "At The Hop".   He has no detectable musical talent, but our fans love to have fun with him, and some of the pictures are... "priceless".   Kermit encourages his adoring fans to come up with unique photo opportunities during our breaks to be added to our facebook page.   The really good ones get a free Kasual Six T-shirt.  Kermit has just completed an intensive round of counseling from some of the photos from our 2017 shows, so please be gentle with him.

Jim Sander - Sound Technician / Sound Magician

Jim joined us in 2016 and the band immediately got better.  He may be Kasual Six's 7th man, but he's number one in our hearts!  His ability to match the sound signature to the venue is beyond amazing.   He's also the go-to guy for how everything works and he is a master of all things technical.   Even though Jim isn't on stage making music, he has a huge impact on the quality of our sound.  He's most definitely a part of the Kasual Six family and we are grateful for his many contributions to our band.

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